Along with the manufacturer’s warranty you receive on the product, we back the installation with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY POLICY. Should anything happen to your floor, we will work quickly to remedy it. Although issues are rare, we firmly believe in addressing them head-on. Finding a solution quickly is just another way to prove our dedication to our clients.

EduCAtion about your flOOring is invaluabLE

Education about your flooring is invaluable. We ensure our clients understand the unique attributes of any flooring selection, long before it is installed in their home. Often customers are left vulnerable simply because they do not know enough about their material, the importance of properly maintaining it and the relevance of their home environment to its performance. The more you understand your product, the less likely you are to encounter problems. Upon completion of your install, we will ensure that you have a copy of the manufacturer’s specifications and provide written documentation outlining your home’s internal environment at the time of installation. As a new floor owner, there are some responsibilities to the floor you must keep, as they are not covered by warranty


Flooring Design Studio cannot be held accountable for water intrusion either from above or below the hardwood or laminate flooring.


Flooring Design Studio cannot be accountable for the use of improper cleansers or cleaning techniques on your wood or laminate floor.


The recommended relative humidity inside the home is between 35-55%. Flooring Design Studio cannot be held responsible for fluctuating humidity conditions which can cause your wood or laminate floor to expand and contract, possibly causing severe damage to the boards.


This warranty will not cover damages due to the neglect or abuse of the hardwood or laminate floor caused by, but not limited to, high heels, animals, children etc.

* All warranties are limited to the original purchaser and are non-transferable.

We offer similar installation warranties with each of the products we install, including but not limited to; Cork, Luxury Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate and Tile.

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