our expERt advice is always compLimENtary

We know that you can get your flooring products just about anywhere. With the convenience of online shopping, the big box options and warehouse flooring stores, today’s consumer has more choice than ever. It is our firm belief that an in person showroom shopping experience, guided by a true flooring expert, just can’t be beat. You have questions and we have the knowledge to answer them correctly. Our professional sales people live and breathe flooring. These are not people who have been given a crash course on flooring, dishing out well intended, but poor advice. Tailored solutions, based on tried-and-true processes, consistently pays off for our clients and is a value add that we faithfully deliver. Not every product is suited for every home. Let us assist you in choosing the best floor for your space.

Quality flOOring for evERy budget

Although we offer a premium customer shopping experience, we do not sell only high price point options. We are proud to offer everything from the budget friendly, to the most exclusive flooring product lines. Flooring for rentals, commercial spaces, kid friendly homes, or high-end dream homes- our showroom has flooring for everyone. We have carefully selected the products we carry and because of that we can confidently stand behind them. We only sell what we know through experience to be high quality, flooring materials.

Feel free to browse some of our suppliers below. This is not an exhaustive list of what we sell. If there is a particular product or supplier that you are looking for that is not listed, simply reach out and we would be thrilled to help you.

Our Suppliers


Hardwood adds a timeless elegance to a home. A properly maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime, making it a valuable investment. The timelessness of hardwood is very unique, as it has maintained its stylish air throughout past decades. There are many different species of wood and each offer unique attributes. There are a wide range of qualities and appearances of hardwood flooring products. Hardwood floors are either nailed, stapled, glued or floated. To ensure you have a floor that best suits your environment, living conditions and design preferences, you will want the help of an expert in selecting your materials. You most certainly will want a professional installer as these products require a wealth of knowledge and skill to install them. Edmonton is very dry and the products we have chosen to sell are designed to best suit this climate. Engineered floors typically have a wider range of environmental tolerances, however, they still require acclimation and proper maintenance of your home’s environment. Installing a hardwood floor is one area that truly lets an installer’s experience shine! Chevron and herringbone patterns are very popular with hardwood installations and we love to see these designer floors transform a space.


Today’s laminate floors are a huge step up from their humble origins. Laminate can be a wise choice for those wanting to avoid the cost and maintenance of a real wood floor. Wood grain visuals complete with textured knot holes give these new generation laminates an unbelievably real wood appearance. Many new laminates have an ability to withstand moisture in a way that they never could before. The locking mechanisms and the way they are built make some of them able to withstand surface water without the swelling and bubbling laminate was so prone to in the past. This new moisture mitigating technology has propelled laminate back into the forefront of the flooring industry. The tolerance for subfloor imperfections is greater with clicking laminate products than with the typical click vinyl plank floors. There are a wide range of qualities and thicknesses of laminate floors. Not all products are created equal, and some will perform better than others. We love to assist our customers in selecting the best product to meet their specific needs. Our installers are industry leaders in installing laminate on floors and on stairs. Anyone can install a laminate floor but installing it to proper specifications is what separates the professional installer from the rest.

Luxury vinyl

Vinyl plank flooring has reigned as the popular flooring option in recent years. Homeowners love vinyl plank for the durability it offers and for it’s waterproof attributes. Vinyl plank can come in wood or tile visuals. Since vinyl plank is waterproof, it can be installed everywhere in your home including bathrooms and kitchens. For homeowners that want the same floor flowing everywhere, vinyl plank has been a wonderful option. There are a huge range of qualities and types of vinyl plank flooring and not all are created equal. There are glue down Vinyl Plank floors, click style and even loose lay options. Our professional assistance in narrowing down the best option for your space will be an invaluable asset to you. We know vinyl plank flooring products inside and out and we apply this knowledge extensively when it comes time for us to install your floor. Let us help you make the best choice in your vinyl plank material and then we will install it the way it’s supposed to be installed.


Tile is like the jewellery of your home! Choosing a tile type and installation pattern all require a significant amount of time and consideration. The flair that tile adds to a home is amazing. From natural stones, to glass mosaics, tile options are endless. We install tile on floors, backsplashes, walls, custom showers, around fireplace surrounds, and just about anywhere else that you can dream up. Tile installers are very specialized. We will choose an installer that has the right experience for your specific installation and tile choice.


Warm carpet underfoot adds a cozy feel to a home that is impossible to duplicate. The various styles and colors that carpet comes in allow it to work with almost any design theme. Time after time, carpet wins out as the top choice for home theatres and basements. From high traffic commercial products, to ultra plush, we will have something to suit your needs.

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