Installed by
Industry Experts

Our installation team will complete your project by providing an in-home experience that is second to none. We guarantee a flawless installation and take pride in the warranty we offer. Our installers are the best in the industry. They are highly skilled and respected as professionals not only for their workmanship, but for their customer service as well.

With a background in providing installation services across Western Canada since 2005, our focus on installers and the installation process is unique. Our installers are not simply background personnel, we truly view them as an integral part of our company.

Our Private showroom consultations ensure you pick The best flooring for your space.

A Seamless Process

The mutual respect between our sales and installation teams is felt in the store and extends to our customers homes. This strong focus on cohesion between our sales and installation processes is paramount to our company’s success. A professional installation is the backbone of any flooring project and when we oversee your install, you can rest assured that it will be installed to the highest industry standards. No shortcuts will be taken.  After your product is selected, a proper installation is what will allow your floor to stand the test of time.

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